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If you intend to submit a single appeal or representation from an individual you do not need to enter a company/group name. The 'Help' provides further information.
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Companies or submissions by more than one individual (groups)

If you are submitting an appeal or representation from a company e.g. "Acme Inc" or a group of people e.g. "Residents of 1-10 High street", you should enter the name of the company or group in the Company/Group field. You will be deemed as acting as their representative.

Enforcement appeals by married/civil partnership couples

You should not enter a group name. You need only enter your partner's name on the appeal form itself as an additional appellant.

Other appeals by married/civil partnership couples

For any other type of appeal, for example a planning appeal, you should enter a group name when creating your account e.g. "Mr and Mrs Smith", if that is the name on the application.

Entering address details

Enter your building number (if applicable) and postcode and select 'Find address'.

If you are unable to find your details you can enter information into the appropriate fields manually.